Borough Market – caters to all

For someone like me, who gets excited about a well-stocked supermarket (sad, I know), going to the market is a field day. Since moving to London (more about that and me here), Borough Market has been high on my list of places I want to go, and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed when I finally went. I struggle to see that any foodie wouldn’t appreciate it as there really is something for everyone – from carnivores to herbivores.

We weren’t the only ones keen for food

Matt and I got there just after 2pm on a Friday. Although it was busy I still felt like we could move around the stands freely and didn’t have to que up for more than 5 mins, at the more popular street food stands. I imagine it gets a lot busier later in the day and over the weekend, so if you have the option of going during off-peak times, I suggest you do so.


In search of food

Now, let’s talk food, as that’s what Borough Market is all about. We made the wise decision of having a very light breakfast, mind you this was at 11am, so when the clock hit 2pm we were starving. After a quick lap around the different food stands we decided to kick things off with a vegetarian thali (a mix of three different dishes) and samosas with green peas from one of the Indian street food vendors. Couldn’t have had a better start to our food venture, beautifully seasoned food and a great mix of dishes, ranging from mild to medium spicy. I happen to love spicy food, so when Matt complained about the heat from one of the curries, I was quite happy to let him have the less spicy ones and leave the rest to me!

Indian street food

The ‘spicy’ curry…

As Matt’s mouth was still burning (it wasn’t even that hot…) we stopped to pick up a freshly squeezed juice from Total Organics. You’ll notice that they sell juice in various places, all over the market, most of them have pre-poured juice stacked on ice/in a cooler, but if you want it made fresh on the spot or something more complicated like a wheatgrass shot, I suggest locating one of the actual juice bars.

Fresh watermelon juice from one of the many juice stands

Whilst sipping on our juices we browsed through the vegetable and fruit section of the market, which to me was a true food heaven, they had everything from purple carrots to green tomatoes and dragon fruit. I love cooking with colourful ingredients, so this is definitely something I will go back for in the future.

The way the stands are displayed are as amazing as the vegetables themselves

No market visit can be considered complete without something Liscus, the sweet kind of Liscus. In search of a brownie Matt had previously eaten and described as ‘the best’ we came across Whirld. Let’s just say it didn’t take long for us to forget all about the brownie and direct our focus to what flavour of homemade fudge we should get. That should actually say flavours, because we obviously didn’t settle for just one.

Contemplating what to eat next

To summarise, I think Borough Market is a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours browsing, drinking and eating, either standing up at one of the food stands or sitting down at one of the many restaurants. I feel like we have only scratched the surface here (i.e. I couldn’t fit more food in my stomach even if I wanted to), so I will most definitely be back for more.

Getting to Borough Market is really easy – I’d recommend hopping on the tube as the nearest stop, London Bridge, is a short walk away.

For more detailed information about Borough Market, click here.