A Guide To My Favourite Stockholm Restaurants – Part I

People who know me, know that I love cooking and that I love trying new restaurants. It’s therefore no surprise that I often get asked for restaurant recommendations. To make things a bit easier for everyone, I created this guide to some of my favourite Stockholm restaurants. It covers everything from quick and healthy lunches to the perfect pizza, traditional Swedish meals and my all-time favourite restaurant. Look at it as a working list if you will, I will add new favourites as they pop up and remove old ones if I feel that they no longer live up to what I class as a great eat.

If you know of any new Stockholm restaurants, or old favourites, that you think I should try, please feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.

Let’s us start by establishing what, in my opinion, constitutes an excellent restaurant experience:

  • Quality: The quality of the ingredients and the dishes served must be consistent, in other words, you can always expect the same level of food.
  • Venue: The venue itself should add to a nice dining experience, I am a sucker for nice decors and smart ideas that in one way or another make my life easier or nicer.
  • Creativity: To really blow me out of the water the restaurant should deliver dishes that I have no clue how to recreate. I do a lot of cooking myself so when I go out I either do it because I’m tired and want a little break from cooking, because I want to be inspired by new dishes or because I simply want to eat something that I love, but never could make myself. A great example of this would be Farang, which you can read more about below, I wouldn’t even know where to start with their amazing flavour combinations.
  • Service: Great customer service, this, unfortunately, isn’t something you see daily. Now, don’t get me wrong, people do their jobs and you get the food in the end, but it’s not every day that you come across someone who is passionate about what they do and adds to your overall dining experience with their personality. What I’m talking about is customer service that you remember even weeks after visiting the restaurant. If you can bring all of the above AND this, you’ll most likely make it to the very top of my favourite Stockholm restaurants.

The Stockholm restaurants listed below will, at the very least, tick the first two requirements, some will even tick all four. Regardless of which restaurant you decide to visit, you are guaranteed to have a great meal.


Nybrogatan 38

Nybrogatan 38 | Website

Good for: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

At Nybrogatan 38 you get that cosy local restaurant vibe, it’s small, busy and the food is exactly what you want it to be. This place is just as good for an early business breakfast as it is for brunch on a weekend or dinner with friends on a Wednesday. The level of quality that you get for such a reasonable price is rare in Stockholm, which of course makes this place even more popular and bookings essential. Their extensive menu is everchanging but I can guarantee that everyone will find something they like.


Meno Male

Roslagsgatan 15 | Website

Good for: Lunch and Dinner

At Meno Male you can either choose from a small, but good, selection of suggested topping combinations or make your own, either way you are sure to have some of the best pizza in Stockholm. These pizzas probably fall into the ‘luxury pizza’ category, but for this kind of quality I’m quite happy to fork out around 160 SEK per pizza.

The restaurant itself is tiny, and popular, so I suggest going outside of peak hours if you want to secure one of the few tables, or simply get take away.




Tulegatan 7 | Website

Good for: Dinner and Cocktails

I can’t say enough good things about Farang as it is my favourite out of all Stockholm restaurants. Everything about this restaurant is premium, the food, the cocktails and the fantastic service. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth the cost. The staff are amazing, they know their food, they are beyond attentive and, in my experience, always bring you that little extra. I always leave feeling incredibly satisfied with the whole experience.

Now, let’s talk about the food. This Southeast Asian restaurant will bring you the best of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, all wrapped up in the most exciting menu that caters to all. As a vegetarian, you’ll love the extensive selection of veggie dishes (the cha plu leaf with tempeh is out of this world!). For any carnivore reading this, do me a favour and order the crispy pork with palm sugar caramel, you can thank me later. Since going vegetarian I can’t say that I miss meat, or even think about it, but if there ever was a dish I would be thinking about, it would be the crispy pork.

Perfect for larger groups and celebratory dinners.

Farang usually gets quite busy around peak hours, so bookings are essential.




Norrtullsgatan 15 | Website

Good for: Dinner and Drinks

Yuc is the most ideal place to start your Friday night with a group of friends. The music, drinks and Mexican/Peruvian fusion food will definitely get people in the right mood. There’s something for everyone but be sure not to miss the camote frito (sweet potato fries with chimichurri and a delicious dipping sauce), taquitos selection (meat eaters should try the crudo), spread of tacos (how about some fried artichoke with saffron and chili chutney or blackened avocado with coleslaw, jalapenos and valentina créme) and desserts (Mexican sandwich ice cream with hazelnuts, dulce and passionfruit coulis). Reasonable prices, great vibe and banging flavours, what else could you possibly need for a great night?


Ett inlägg delat av Yuc! (@yucmexican)



Rörstrandsgatan 23 | Website

Good for: Lunch and Dinner

Shanti on Rörstrandsgatan was my local Indian restaurant when I used to live in Stockholm, but even if it wasn’t conveniently placed just around the corner, it’s the kind of place I’d travel to as the food is nothing like your average Indian restaurant. I dare to say that it’s the best Indian restaurant in Stockholm, and I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.

This place is always busy around dinner time, and for good reason, so if you’re looking to get a table make a reservation or prepare to que. Take away is always quick with an average waiting time of 20 minutes.




Birger Jarlsgatan 4 | Website 

Good for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks.

I will send anyone who plans to visit Stockholm to Riche, it’s the one stop shop for a perfectly cooked, traditional, Swedish meal. Vegetarians can feast on dishes like risotto with autumn mushrooms and parmesan or a yellow beet carpaccio with chèvre chaud, hazelnuts and herb salad. If you’re not following a vegetarian diet you should start by ordering toast skagen followed by Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, lingon berries and potato purée. They are, hands down, some of, if not the best, Swedish meatballs you will find in Stockholm.  Finish the meal off with a plate of their utterly delicious gino.

Riche is a popular spot for lunch and dinner so to be absolutely certain to get a table, make a reservation.


That’s a wrap for my top Stockholm restaurants part I! Stay tuned for part II of my Stockholm foodie guide.