Welcome to the world of Liscus by Linda!

This is where I get to share my love of food and hopefully inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen. I’m a firm believer in the fact that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, take hours or blow your budget. It should be quick, fun and most importantly delicious, or as I like to call it, Liscus.

Liscus by Linda isn’t about diets, it’s about food that will do as much good as it tastes. Sometimes we’re feeding the body and sometimes we’re simply feeding the soul, because let’s be honest, there are times when nothing but a chocolate chip muffin will do.


About me

For as long as I can remember I have loved to cook. One of the most vivid memories from my childhood is getting up super early on a weekend to cook breakfast for my family, using the little children’s recipe books that my mom had given me. Now, I couldn’t have been more than six years old at the time and didn’t even know how to boil water so I used hot water from the tap to make my parents coffee (which I obviously denied when asked about it), but the pleasure in seeing other people enjoy my food has always been there.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but have spent most of my twenties in Melbourne, Australia, which is a dream for any foodie as the city is home to some seriously amazing restaurants. After a few years back in Stockholm I have recently relocated to London, another remarkable mecca for food, and I can’t wait to start working my way through everything this city has to offer. Travelling and experiencing different cuisines is one of my absolute favorite things to do and my number one source of inspiration when coming up with new recipes.


Why Liscus?

The word ‘liscus’ started out as a bit of a joke with my boyfriend Matt, whenever we would eat something tasty I would say things like ‘ah, that’s liscus!’, as a spin on the word delicious. The word kind of stuck and now our trips to the grocery store will always end with someone saying ‘let’s get something liscus’ before we reach the checkout. Liscus basically describes anything and everything that’s so tasty the word delicious just isn’t enough.